Giving Back

A Career Day for New Mom’s Inc.

There are many days when I look back at my past and am in awe that I’ve been able to achieve so many of the ambitious goals that I’ve set for myself. I say this not to pat myself on the back, but to acknowledge that I am lucky. Most young girls who are put through similar situations, do not have the support system to help them overcome their circumstances. Many do not find the inspiration and motivation they need to break away.

This is why, when given the chance, I embrace opportunities to share my story and stand as a source of support and inspiration for young, at-risk youth.

This week, that opportunity was in partnership with New Mom’s Inc, a nonprofit organization that equips struggling, impoverished adolescent parents with the tools they need to permanently change their lives.

We filled the room with almost 50 adolescent mothers from the New Mom’s Inc. program, and provided them an uplifting day of career training. It looked something like this:

New Moms Inc Agenda

I am forever grateful that Brittany and the Zealous Good team connected me with this organization. I wrote a bit more about the event over on their blog and encourage you to check it out.

I wanted to thank you so much for hosting the Professional Development Day for the participants enrolled in the Academy of Professional Development here at New Moms. I cant express to you how grateful I am that our participants had this opportunity to interact and attend the different workshops that your Sharp Skirts volunteers conducted. The workshops were extremely informative and covered valuable information that each of the participants will be able to utilize during this beginning stage of their careers.

Angela Forcucci, Career Advancement Coordinator at New Moms Inc.