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How do you put yourself out there?

If you were to walk down the street and just ask a few random people what scares them the most, I imagine you’d hear things like: the dentist, heights, spiders, and a dead cell phone battery. But in a room full ofentrepreneurs, what’s really keeping them up at night is the potential of failure.

Starting a company is a risky and very personal experience. You live and breath the idea, working longer hours than ever before. And when you finally launch, you can’t help but take people’s opinions personally. Sound familiar?

I had the chance to join Rajiv Nathan and Martin McGovern on Idea Lemon’s Discover Your Inner Awesome podcast. For this episode we talked about this exact dilemma: how do you put yourself out there?

Take a listen to our stories about taking big leaps in life. What big leaps have you taken in your life? How do you put yourself out there?


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